The Lion Dance, a traditional part of Chinese culture for many centuries, the serves as an auspicious start for businesses in the Lunar New Year. Starting at 8:00 a.m., the Eastin Hotel Penang treated its guests, staff and passers-by to an energetic acrobatic lion dance performance by the Hong Guang Lion Dance troupe at the hotel lobby.
A pair of fireworks and thundering drums signified the beginning of the lion dance. The lions represent the “Qilin”, mythical Chinese unicorns with the power to ward off inauspicious vibes and the power to bring good fortune and wealth. The lions also danced on poles and threw in coins, ate oranges and symbolic vegetables to usher in great fortune.
At the end of the performance, the lions presented a “platter of prosperity” of well-carved fruits symbolizing blessings and positive spirit to our hotel Chairman, Dato’ Tan Chew Piau, as well as the hotel’s general manager, Ms. Dianne Tye, Director of Sales and Marketing, Choo Chan Chan, Director of Rooms, Winnie Yip and various department heads.
From there, the cheeky, playful lions weaved their way through the various outlets at the hotel, warding off evil spirits, assuring good luck, and collecting Hong Bao – good luck red envelopes – along the way. The lion dance ended with the lighting of another pair of fireworks.
Guests of the hotel, many of whom were corporate & tourists, were also eager to witness the “lions” performing their acrobatic acts. Some guests and staff were even more entertained when they were approached by the lions which seemed to ask for a gentle gesture of love and comfort as they posed for photos. The performances of the lions and the young drummers bestowed wishes of prosperity and good fortune on the hotel in the Year of the Rat.

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